LOVELY love story

A very talented couple made this beautiful website about their love.

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Bookshelf Porn

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The prettiest things in life are useless

Here are a few illustrations I ran across and liked.

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This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.  This is a senior portrait.  Seriously.  There are more here, but this one is the BEST! I love how he’s cupping her butt.

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lao-ocean-girl on Seoul Podcast

In May of this year, I was asked by Joe SeoulPodcast (and ZenKimchi) if I would be a guest on his show.  I agreed and we recorded a 2+ hour show on a Wednesday night through Skype.  It’s hard to admit, but I never mentioned it on my blog because 1) I don’t like hearing […]

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Star Chef

What wonderful things can I say about Star Chef restaurant that hasn’t already been said by FatManSeoul or ZenKimchi?  I wholeheartedly agree with them – the restaurant is fantastic.  Yesterday, I was reading ZenKimchi’s blog and came upon his Star Chef post.  Since the food looked amazing, and we were going to be in the […]

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Advice for English Teachers in Korea

I enjoyed reading this post by Brendan Carr, who’s a lawyer in Seoul.  To summarize, he has a message for English teachers who call him up in the evening, complaining about their hagwon boss: “You can’t afford my legal services, so please stop imposing on my free time.”  I feel bad for him because I […]

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Update: Christian The Lion Video

I’m sure you’ve seen the reunion between Christian the lion and his two owners on YouTube.  So far, there have been 7 million views and the original video is here.  That same video is shown in this interview on the Today show.  The original owners were interviewed and gave some more background story.

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Where the Hell is Matt – New video

Matt, of Where the Hell is Matt? is back with a new video.  It’s only 5 days old, but already has 2.2 million views.  Pay attention to the 1:50 where he’s dancing at the DMZ.  At the 2:45 mark Matt’s dancing in front of Namdaemun gate (where he was late).  Twelve days later, the gate […]

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